Kunda-Yoga is an origine of Kundalini Yoga. It stems from an ancestral tradition dating back to the seventh century which nevertheless meets today’s needs.

It consists of a comprehensive approach of the human being through specific breathing exercises, and body and visualization techniques that are effective in:

– strengthening the pelvic floor;

– facilitating blood circulation to the sexual organs and throughout the body;

– toning up the different glands;

– invigorating the spine;

– balancing the nervous system;

– observing and harmonizing hormonal disorders; and

– stimulating the libido.

Kunda-Yoga helps boost vital energy. It unifies our body, psyche and soul. It cultivates self-esteem, causes joy and freedom to take root, and awakens us to sacred sexuality.

Recevez les 7 exercice de Kunda-Yoga